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1. All Nebraska game laws must be followed as printed.

2. Respect all landowners property. Pick up and pack your trash.

All spent cases must be retrieved if at all possible. Close all gates.

3. A team will consist of 5 members with a designated captain. Each team

will be provided one guide and one official scorekeeper. The scorekeeper

will be assigned by the Sharptail Shootout Committee prior to the hunt.

The guide and scorekeeper will judge shots fired and misses.

Any shot birds not recovered will be scored as a miss.

4. Each team will be issued one box of 25 shotgun shells to be divided among team members in any way they wish. If one member fills his bag limit, any unused shells may be given to the other members of the team.

5. The hunt will begin at the official sunrise and end when the bag limit

is achieved (3 birds per man, 15 birds total) or the 25th shot is fired.

The hunt will end at 4:00p.m. mountain daylight time, regardless.

6. The winners will be determined by the following criteria listed in order: 1)The most birds checked in; 2)The fewest number of shells used to kill the most birds; 3)The earliest times recorded for the birds shot.

7. The entire team, guide, and scorekeeper must check in score sheets and birds immediately after the 25th shot is fired or the bag limit is achieved.

8. The Sandhills Sharptail Shootout Committee reserves the right to add a member to any team not carrying a full five members. All decisions of the board of directors of the Sandhills Shaptail Shootout Committee are final.

9. Twenty teams will be allowed to participate in the hunt. Teams will be selected by a review board. Any team not selected will receive a refund of fees and the opportunity to apply in succeeding years.

10. All teams must participate in the trap shoot

to be considered for special awards.

11. An official entry form must be completed for each team,

each team member....signed and notarized, entry fees paid,

and mailed to the Sandhills Sharptail Shootout Committee.

12. Smoking in vehicles only.

13. All birds must be shot on the fly or the shot will be counted as a miss.

14. No shooting will be allowed from paved roads, vehicles*,

or around buildings or livestock.

15. Keep it safe! No loaded firearms in vehicles*.

16. No all terrain vehicles*.

17. All hunters must stay in sight of the guide or scorekeeper.

18. Limit one dog per hunter. Hunter may use dog as he/she wishes.

19. If a dog catches a bird not shot, it does not count as a bird in the hunt.

It may be given to the landowner, guide, or scorekeeper,

if they have a hunting license.

20. If there are 2 birds killed in one shot, it will be counted as one shot and

2 birds. But a miss can not be subtracted at any time on score sheet.

21. Guests may accompany the guide during the hunt. They may not participate in the hunt in any form. If guests participate in the hunt

the team will be disqualified.

22. All guests and hunters must be of at least 21 years of age.

23. Remember....YOU represent all sportsmen. Have a safe and happy hunt!!!

*NOTE! Rules applying to Nebraska Disabled Hunting

Permit holders will be honored!





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